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     Our Video Surveillance Products

Swift Security is Regina's top expert on video surveillance products.  Our Company's vision shines through in every installation.  We commit to providing excellent service and reliable products.

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What can security cameras do for your home or business?
It let's you keep an eye on your property at all times.  All the systems we use have standard mobile apps for any smart phone you may have.  It helps prevent theft and vandalism or when it does occur, it may help identify who did it.  For both home and business, it is also helpful in liability cases if someone were to get hurt on your property.  The benefits are many, and so are the choices.
That's why we like to use our experience in helping you find the camera surveillance system that's right for you.

There are two types of technologies that dominate the industry and we're well versed in both.  First, there is analog and then there is IP.  Let us explain a little bit more about the two.

Analog Video Surveillance Systems (also referred to as CCTV)

Analog CCTV has been around for decades and so the majority of camera surveillance systems you find in businesses and homes today, are analog systems. The camera sends the images to a recorder via an analog signal. The quality of the images depend on the quality of the camera, the wiring and the environment the system is in as well as the recorder. With analog cameras, the picture quality can’t exceed the NTSC standard, which is basically standard definition television.  Even though the cameras transmit the images with an analog signal, the recorder or DVR stores these images digitally.  For our analog DVR's we use Digimerge and our cameras are mostly by Everfocus, Samsung, Digital Watchdog, Speco and Panasonic.

   What are the advantages of analog systems?
In most cases they are still more cost effective than IP systems.  This may change over time as manufacturers lower the prices of their IP products.  With a analog cameras you get a superior image in complete darkness.  The image has less noise in night time black and white pictures than with megapixel IP cameras.  Analog CCTV has been around for many years and so what we find is that systems made by reputable brands are very solid and remain trouble-free for a long time.

  What do you need to keep in mind with analog systems?
The most important thing to be aware of is that the picture detail and definition has its limits.  For example, for good license plate recognition it's recommended to have the plate take up about 15% or more of the available pixels.  With mega-pixel IP video you could achieve that with using a smaller part of the image field.

IP Video Surveillance Systems

IP-based video surveillance is the latest technology in our industry. Instead of transmitting an analog signal between the camera and the recorder, the communication is in the TCP/IP protocol.  This is the same protocol with which all network enabled computer equipment communicates.  The advantage of this type of transmission is that no extra signal noise is added to the images that your recorder receives.   Another advantage is that the picture resolution can be significantly higher than the standard definition of analog cameras.   Beyond the obvious  difference in resolution, you will notice a huge  improvement of colour reproduction in the image.  

Modern IP cameras can have resolutions of up to 5 Megapixels and more.  This means that you can enlarge the recorded image many times without losing the detail in the picture. IP makes license plate recognition a piece of cake.  IP-based systems are very versatile and are used a lot for commercial applications.  Our IP camera product line is by Vivotek, a renowned brand in the industry.   The equipment comes with 3 year warranty and the features and quality of this system are very impressive.  Vivotek also makes video servers which allow your existing analog cameras to integrate with the feature packed IP based platform.  

What are the advantages of IP video? 

IP cameras provide you with a better picture quality. Even standard resolution IP cameras are superior to analog cameras due to better color representation and less noise and interference. And off course, with IP cameras, you can achieve much higher resolution than with their analog counterparts.  An IP system is very scalable. You can start with a single camera and expand to as many cameras as you can imagine. If your situation only calls for one camera the system can sometimes be less expensive than a traditional analog system.  IP cameras are feature rich and very versatile.  Different video streams can be used at the same time for different applications. We have installations that serve as video surveillance but are also set up to compile a time lapse of a construction project. The fact that each camera is a network device also gives you more freedom in network topology.  Most manufacturers offer video servers that can convert the signal of existing analog cameras to that of an IP camera allowing you to seamlessly integrate an older system into a new IP video system.

What should you keep in mind with IP video security?
When you’re dealing with mega-pixel video you’re dealing with high bandwidth. This needs to be taken into account when installing IP video. 
As standard practice we design our IP video surveillance systems to be on their own network, whenever possible. This way we isolate the data traffic and avoid the system eating up too much bandwidth on the business network.  The other issue that arises with the high bandwidth of mega-pixel video is that the amount of storage space needed can be far greater than that of analog video systems.


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