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      Access Control

Swift Security has years of experience as an integrator in the highly specialized field of access control.  Your company can benefit from our expertise when the time comes to install a card access system in your business.  We serve customers in Regina and throughout Southern Saskatchewan.

Our consultants can sit down with you and discuss your needs so we can offer you the implementation plan that fits your budget.  Over the years we have gained much experience in upgrading old or troublesome access control systems and getting them working exactly right.
If you feel like your business is not getting the needed performance from your card access system, then we would be the right partner to turn to.

What is electronic access control?

An access control system is a system that lets you determine who can go where and when in your building.  Instead of keys, the user will present credentials (usually a proximity card) to a reader. 
If the system recognizes that the user can go through that door at that time, it will release the lock and let the person pass.  The system then logs the event in the system event history.
The system has a number of different components and the design of the system will depend on the type of hardware a manufacturer makes.  We'll list some of the main components.

Control points
This can be a door, gate, turnstile or elevator.  A physical barrier between two points. 
The devices used to control the access through these points can be electric door strikes, magnetic locks, motorized gate controls, elevator floor selection controls.
These can be a swipe card, proximity card or fob, a pin code or even your finger print.
These devices, placed by the access point, are going to read the information you present and relay that information to the access controller.
Access Controller
This electronic device has part or all of the system configuration stored and will compare the credentials the user presents to the information in programming.  If the user has access to that area at that time, the controller will send a pulse to the hardware that is keeping you from going through the access point, allowing you passage.
System Interface
The interface (there may be multiple) is where the system is configured.  Sometimes the interface is off-site and is used to control multiple buildings.

Our main supplier for card access is Honeywell Security.  We use both their PRO2200 and NetAXS platforms and are achieving great results.  For more information, click on the links below to view the product information on the manufacturer website.

Click on the logo for more information.

Five reasons to consider installing an electronic access control system

Reason 1: Reduce costs by eliminating changing locks.
When an employee leaves your organization and fails to return his keys, you may have to get all the locks replaced.  Compare that to having an electronic access control system where a simple click of the mouse will deny that person access to the building.  You will also avoid the common problem of lost or stolen keys.  Now, that will save you money!

Reason 2: Know who comes and goes in your building at all times
Your access control system allows you to easily run a report on individual card holders, access areas or a number of other variables.  Some companies use these reports for their electronic    time-and –attendance.

Reason 3: Keep certain parts of your building accessible to the public while securing other areas for employees only.

In many buildings there is a mix of daily traffic of public visitors and staff members.  Your access control system will allow visitors to enter, but will keep them from going past restricted doors.  No need to make your visitors feel unwelcome by overbearing security systems.  Simply manage the flow of people in public and restricted areas easily with your Swift Security access control system.

Reason 4: Protect crucial areas
Not everyone in your organization should have access to every area.  With an access control system, you can program different levels of restricted access.  Simply give your employees access to different areas according to their status and security clearance.
You will also have the ability to manage certain situations better.  For example, an event could unfold that calls for a security lockdown or a security lockout.  You can prepare for these situations by programming a scenario where only people with the highest level of security clearance can enter or exit the building.

Reason 5: Promote employee honesty

Not only does a card access system help you manage the security in your building, it will also serve as a deterrent for employee dishonesty and fraud.  It’s hard to determine exactly how much of this behaviour you would be preventing but one thing is for certain, if you take away the opportunity, many people won’t even consider doing anything dishonest.  And that alone may save your organization a lot of money.

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