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        Guard Response Service

Many people we talk to are surprised at how many alarm dispatches the police get in Canada that are actually false alarms or user errors.  Not only is this a huge strain on the police force, it takes away one of the most important things in case of an alarm - response time.
When you have your security system in Regina monitored by Swift Security, it's easy to add professional guard alarm response to your security package.

Why use our guard response service?

  • faster response times
  • avoid police penalties for false alarms
  • no need to put friends or neighbours in harms way
  • peace of mind when you're on vacation
  • very cost effective (ask us about our rates)
To read the City of Regina bylaw on home security systems, click here.

Let's look at a scenario here for a moment.
Our station operator receives an alarm signal from your security system.  The operator calls the premise right away but no one answers the phone.  Here's two possible scenarios.
        A. The operator contacts the police service to let them know your security system generated an alarm.  The 911 operator will send out the call to the police units ion the road.  Because it is a system generated dispatch, it has a low priority.  The police may not get around to checking your home for a couple of hours.

        B. The operator dispatches one of our mobile guard units.  The guard drives out to your home and arrives just a few minutes after the alarm went off.  As he does a perimeter check of your home, he sees that the back window is busted and he sees someone moving around in the house.  The guard calls 911 and let's the dispatcher know someone is in your house.  This time, the 911 dispatch goes out with a high priority.  The police arrive within minutes and are able to apprehend the suspect.

Which scenario would you prefer when you're on your family camping trip, a four hour drive from your home?  Take advantage of our cost effective guard response service today!
For more information, call 306-757-8910.

Home Security
Our hardwired and  wireless home alarm systems can be installed in a any new  or existing home.

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We offer various home automation solutions for any budget.

Medical Alert
With our medical alert system, you will always be just a push of a button away from the help you need.

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We offer both IP and analog camera surveillance systems to suit the camera system needs of our customers.
Our top rated monitoring station will watch over your home or business 24/7 and respond to any alarms.

Guard Response
We offer our customers the option of professional alarm response for a low monthly fee.

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