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           Whole Home Automation

You've had a long day at the office.  Just before you leave to go home you pull up an app on your smart phone and set the temperature in your home to a cosy 72 degrees.  As you drive up to your home, one button on the app that says 'welcome home' sets the scene for your arrival.  The outside lights turn on, the garage door opens and the security system disarms.  You don't have to struggle your way through a dark house with your hands full of grocery bags because the house is lighting your path to the kitchen.  As you walk into the kitchen the TV is playing the evening news on mute while your favourite iTunes playlist sets the mood for a relaxing night.

We encourage you to imagine.  Imagine the possibilities. Imagine your life with a home as an extension of yourself.  Tell us your dreams and we'll help your achieve them.

If you are in Regina or surrounding area and you're looking for a valuable partner to help you realize your whole home automation project, you will find it in Swift Security.  We can discuss the expectations you have, the possibilities and work with you to get the right fit for your budget.  Call us today to set up an appointment: 306-757-8910.

New home or existing home
With whole home automation, there are endless possibilities for you to make your home life the best experience possible. 
We install systems for both new homes as retrofits.  A new house, off course offers the greatest possibilities for full automation but you would be surprised what's all possible in a retrofit scenario.

What can all be included in a home automation project?

Audio and video
Distributed audio and video eliminates the need for having cable boxes, stereos, blue-ray players throughout the house.  There is one central spot (usually in the utility room in the basement) where all speakers in the house, the TV's, the controls connect to. 
Your heating and cooling system as well as automatic blinds and shades can be integrated to help you save energy.  The sprinkler system can also be integrated into your system.
The lighting in your home can all be integrated, helping you control lights from wherever you are and allowing you to program lights for different scenes.
The home security system can be included for scene triggering and your security cameras can be viewed on any TV in the house.


Home Security
Our hardwired and  wireless home alarm systems can be installed in a any new  or existing home.

Total Connect
Stay connected to your security system with our mobile app.

Home Automation
We offer various home automation solutions for any budget.

Medical Alert
With our medical alert system, you will always be just a push of a button away from the help you need.

Access Control
We have the experience you look for when adding a card access system to your building security.

Video Security
We offer both IP and analog camera surveillance systems to suit the camera system needs of our customers.
Our top rated monitoring station will watch over your home or business 24/7 and respond to any alarms.

Guard Response
We offer our customers the option of professional alarm response for a low monthly fee.

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